Security is a big deal, especially when it comes to protecting your home or your business. There are many types of alarm and security systems out there, but they each fall into one of two basic categories- wired or wireless. There are pros and cons to each and you can only make an informed decision after knowing what each system is like and what it can offer you.


Pros of the wired security system:

  • A hard wired system will not get feedback or interference from other things in the home or business such as wireless connections, cell phones, baby monitors, and other devices.
  • This type of home security system will sound an alarm whenever the system is compromised by outside forces such as cutting wires.


Cons of the wired security system:

  • A hardwired setup is much more involved and therefore takes more time and effort to install.
  • This security system requires some mild drilling so the wires can be run through the wall to connect all the various parts of the system together.
  • A wired system is harder to remove and move if the home owner moves and wishes to take the security system with them.


Pros of the wireless security system:

  • A wireless home security system can be very easy to install and are super easy to maintain, even when the structure or layout of the home changes.
  • This type of system is fairly easy to move around as needs change or to move it to another location if the homeowner moves.


Cons of the wireless security system:

  • These security systems can be triggered by outside interference such as wireless internet signals, cell phones, or other stimuli.
  • A wireless security system is often much easier to be disarmed and taken offline than a standard hardwired system.